FNM Marine Diesel Engines

Tired of pumping fuel out the tail pipe?

Want to save money and the environment?

Look no further with FNM High Performance Common Rail Turbo-diesel Engines!

High revving
Fuel efficient
Outstanding power-to-weight ratio
Clean running
Smoke free

These characteristics make an ideal product for the US market and Alaska was the first step to the introduction of the FNM engines into the ever-growing U.S. marine diesel market.

Depending on the boat, today's high revving FNM diesels, with their outstanding power-to-weight ratio, are great performers. These diesels, have been designed specially for performance craft and are well capable of outperforming equivalent-size petrol engines. What you get with the FNM Series Diesel Engines is outstanding performance! The new HPE series has horsepower ratings up to 300HP.  These FNM engines deliver a new wave of marine diesel power that brilliantly advances the science of marine diesel technology.

Improvements in fuel efficiency translate into extended range and worthwhile savings at the pump. These environmentally friendly engines are not only compliant with the new European emission standards but also meet the EPA standards of the U.S. of A. The FNM engines benefit from low noise and low vibration and, thus, offer comfortable cruising. Outstandingly compact designs and power-to-weight ratios mean that the FNM Diesel Series Engines are now a reality for a far wider number of pleasure boats and commercial applications.

Unsurpassed performance:
Cutting-edge technology, best-in-class performance, unsurpassed reliability along with the characteristics listed above are hallmarks of the FNM Series Diesel Engines. All of these pluses are only some of the reasons why FNM has become the power of choice for boaters everywhere, serious or otherwise.

The freedom to cruise farther: The ability to stay out longer and spend less on fuel is now a reality with the FNM diesels.

Predictable and reliable: Power that responds quickly to your every command and that delivers the cruising speed, durability and fuel efficiency you expect from a WORLD-CLASS diesel.

For new installations or re-powers: The FNM Diesel Series Engines are a viable and affordable alternative to gas-powered boats.

A remarkably compact design: The propulsion packages of these engines generate more power, torque and acceleration than other engines in these respective classes.

Technical features: A variable geometry turbocharger, after-cooler and direct injection Common Rail Multijet fuel system combine to create impressive horsepower and torque.